Hylton Hughes died in 1919 at the age of 20. He was a timber merchant and lived on Village Road. The symbolism in the window (helmet and broken sword) indicates he probably died as a result of his involvement in the First World War but he is neither on the memorial window in the church nor on the War Memorial on Grange Hill.

The window was dedicated on 26th June 1921,  it is presented in four elements. The top two form a single scene, which is reminiscent of the women visiting the garden tomb on Easter day to anoint the body of Jesus. Two women stand and in the foreground a man kneels. The left hand panel is filled with an angel with elegant wings and a right hand pointing upwards.  Two details at the angel’s feet convey the window’s meaning – a discarded Roman soldier’s helmet and a broken spear – the tragedy of death. The two pictures at the bottom of the window show two incidents from the resurrection life of Jesus – the journey on the road to Emmaus and revelation of Jesus to Mary Magdalene. Above these pictures is the unambiguous statement “He is not here. He is risen”.