Our Minister Tel: 0151 739 8525

email: kimgoh2603@gmail.com

Deacon: Jenny Knight Tel: 0151 630 0685

email: jenny@knightles.orangehome.co.uk

Community Development Worker: Dirk Uitterdijk

Tel: 07847 739 533 email: dirkwkmc@gmail.com

Room Booking  tel: 07887 994 359

We are a town centre Methodist Church seeking to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve our community of West Kirby. We are a congregation made up of all ages and backgrounds, worshipping in a relaxed and varied way, from traditional to modern praise. We are a busy church with many activities which you can discover on this website.

West Kirby Methodist Church is part of The Wirral Circuit.

 If you need to talk to someone about spiritual matters, or you are just needing someone to talk to
about your life then we are here in Jesus' name to help you. Also if you are new to the area, or just thinking about coming along to church, or if you have any enquiries about weddings, baptisms or funerals please do get in touch.

Preaching Plans - click side menu for details.

We take the safety of children, young people & vulnerable adults very seriously. If you have any concerns please follow the guidance in our   safeguarding policy.

We are a Fairtrade Church

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Coming Events:
  • 26th November Christmas Art & Craft Festival

  • 4th December Bacon Butty Church

Our Minister
Reverend Kim Goh
  Coming Services  

1st Sunday of Advent
10.30 a.m.  Kim Goh
6.30 p.m.  United Service at St. Bridget's. Preacher Jenny Knight


2nd Sunday of Advent
9.00 a.m. Bacon Butty Church. Theme: The Promised King
10.30 a.m. Kim & Mary Goh. Communion.
Theme: Believing ......the  amazing
6.30 p.m.  Kim Goh

3rd Sunday of Advent
10.30 a.m. Jenny Knight. Theme: Believing......the impossible
6.30 p.m. Own Arrangement. Leaders: Sue & Graham Gladden. Meditation on Mary

4th Sunday of Advent
10.30 a.m. Own Arrangement. Alternative Carol Service.
Theme: Believing......the glory
6.30 p.m. Carols By Candlelight